Sam is the best! She has a tremendous amount of patience with my 4 year old. My son has a very short attention span, to say the least. Sam is able to keep him focused with lots of kindness and encouragement. She is also very, very flexible with my changing work schedule which I really appreciate. Very highly recommended.
Swim with Sam taught 2 of my 4 children how to swim and is currently teaching our 5 year old to overcome his fears of the water and building his confidence to become a great swimmer. I highly recommend this company!
Sam works with my sons (8 and 3). They are comfortable putting their heads under water, where before that was such a battle and their technique has greatly improved. I really like the fact that Sam goes beyond technique but also incorporates water safety in and around water. Sam is patient, great with kids, and flexibility. Definitely would recommend.
Samantha’s enthusiasm for swimming is contagious, and it’s a motivating factor in completing my 12 sessions. I highly recommend her as a fun yet professional swimming instructor.
Sam is an awesome instructor! She helped me get over my fear of getting in the water . She instructed me so well that now I’m swimming in 6 feet. I highly recommend her. She also teaches my 2 year old who is now able to save her own life , if she was ever pushed into the pool. Thank you Swim with Sam!
Swim with Sam is awesome! Sam is working with my now 2 year old special needs daughter. She has been swimming with Sam since she was 1 year old. Sam is very patient and passionate about teaching people to swim.