adult/senior lessons

Our swim instructors specialize in one-on-one personalized swim lessons for your individual needs. There are no age barriers to learn how to swim- or judgements. No matter your age, everyone deserves to learn how to swim. 

Fear has no place here! We help you to overcome your fears of: putting your head in the water, proper breathing, swimming in the deep end, jumping in the pool, and floating. For many of us, not being able to swim is a generational trend- but it doesn’t have to be. Across any background, culture, or age group, learning to swim is a basic life skill. 

Encouraging each other to learn to swim increases safety during water activities, improves confidence, and is a healthy physical activity for people of all ages and abilities. We offer lessons to empower you to improve your life. Want to take that vacation to Jamaica and feel comfortable jet skiing? Snorkeling? How about parasailing? Register today so we can make that vacation a reality! 

Change your life. Save your life.