Swim with Sam focuses on teaching aquatic confidence and water safety to people of all ages. Aiming to empower everyone, especially those with disabilities, adult/seniors, or previous near-death water experiences through private or group swim lessons.

Using competitive training methods, swimmers receive personalized lessons that develop independence, safety, and self-confidence.

Why Swim with Sam?


Swim with Sam empowers people of all ages to overcome their fears and master the water. We provide personalized swim lessons in your pool of choice- that’s right, we travel to you. With passionate instructors focused on your development, we push you to exceed past your expectations. Everyone needs and is entitled to learn how to swim.

We have ZERO requirements for you to learn. Everyone deserves to learn how to swim. Adults, seniors, individuals with disabilities, and those with phobias of the water. Conquer your fears, let's learn to swim!

Here at Swim with Sam, we are dedicated to normalize swim lessons, swim safety, and aquatic confidence in the South Florida community.

In a diverse area full of Caribbean people, ocean lovers, and families who plan regular trips to the pool-learning to swim is a necessity. Drowning is one of the leading preventable deaths for young children in the United States.

And while protecting our children is important, the reality is, many adults don't know how to swim either!

Our parents, aunts/uncles, even our grandparents don't know how to swim. This becomes a generational norm in our society. But it stops today!

Change your life. Save your life.

Encouraging each other to learn to swim increases safety during water activities, improves confidence, and is a healthy physical activity for people of all ages and abilities. 

Start today, come learn to swim!

meet the owner

Swim with Sam was born when our Founder Samantha Caballero saw the need for access to swim lessons to people of color in her community in 2018. After working for several swim lesson programs, she saw there were large groups of people who were not receiving this life saving service- predominantly people of color. She began Swim with Sam to provide more opportunities to the people who needed it most.